Sunday, January 28, 2018

WAR It is Getting Very Ugly Between Bill Kristol and Tucker Carlson

BizPac Review sets the scene:
Tucker Carlson’s longstanding feud with Trump-hating Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol, a man he once worked for, reached a whole other level when his former boss raised the “R” word to describe what the Fox News host has “become.”

During an interview with CNBC’s John Harwood, Kristol was describing the political situation at Fox News when his thoughts gravitated toward his former reporter...

So no, Tucker wasn’t about to take that lying down, addressing it first thing on his Tuesday night show.

Here is the Tucker Carlson response:


BTW, Carson thinks in statist terms when it comes to immigration, just like Trump.



  1. As much as Carlson is impressive in the way he stands up to the PC police, his earnest comments here simply illustrate the fundamental problem with statism. No one can possibly speak for every American on immigration -- meaning no one has the inherent knowledge of our individual preferences, and nor does anyone have the justifiable right to speak on our behalf -- and thus vesting immigration control in the state is fundamentally flawed. The only way that one can justify the US state setting the immigration rules is to argue that democracy -- coercive rule by a small group of people who have their names cited on ballots more than others, as measured every few years -- is justifiable, either in economic or moral terms. But then that would justify many more things than just immigration rules.

  2. The Statist vs the NeoCon. Tough choice.