Thursday, January 11, 2018

US to Greatly Loosen Constraints on the Use of Nuclear Weapons

Welcome to Trump World.

Jason Ditz reports:

Administration officials are now said to both be hard at work acquiring smaller, more “usable” nuclear weapons, and radically changing the rules of engagement with respect to a US nuclear first strike, so that such attacks are more possible in the future...
 Pentagon officials see the introduction of more tactical nuclear arms as a way to build arms that are usable at a much lower threshold, and seem to be shrugging off concerns that this will effectively normalize nuclear warfare.
Yes, the Pentagon is way out of control as the man who sits in the White House is infatuated with the military.



  1. This country is infatuated with the military and war

    1. Yep. At a football game a few weeks ago, the only interest and cheering was for the anthem and a salute to troops later.