Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Trump-Pence Can't Stand That Peace May Breakout on the Korean Peninsula

White House officials announced yesterday that Vice President Mike Pence will attend the Winter Olympics in South Korea in early February, with an eye seemingly toward ensuring that North Korea’s attendance of the event doesn’t lead to improved relations, Jason Ditz reports.

Officials say Pence believes North Korea’s Kim Jong Un intends to “hijack” the Olympics with his country’s involvement, and that Pence will be there to offset the “charade” that is North Korea’s Olympic team.

In other words, the Trump Administration is now afraid of North Korean athletes holding joint sporting and cultural events with their counterparts in the south and fear the Koreas marching under a united Korea banner.

It is more obvious than ever that the Trump Administration does not want tensions to ease between the two Korean states.

Kudos to South Korean President Moon Jae-in for not caving so far to United States pressure and being willing to develop peaceful ties with North Korea.



  1. Both Koreas can read the tea leaves. As China's economic influence grows, siding with the US will become less popular just as favoring China will offer benefits. South Korea isn't exactly best friends with our other proxy in the region, Japan.