Friday, January 19, 2018

The Clock Ticks Down to the Block vs. Wenzel Debate

Dr. Walter Block

I record my debate with Loyola University-New Orleans Professor Walter Block on Saturday.

The motion is: RESOLVED Donald Trump is a disaster for libertarianism.

I am taking the affirmative position and am as anxious as anyone to see how Dr. Block will oppose.

The debate is being sponsored by Lions of Liberty and I believe it will be released either Sunday or Monday.

I will post it as soon as it is available.



  1. How is Trump doing for the Greens?Since he also didn't run as a Green party candidate and there are Green Party members who voted for him, let's hear this asinine debate as well.

  2. Peace with Russia, Dow at 26,000, unemployment at 4%, $2000 in tax cuts per family, 70% of illegals self deporting. Make room on Mt Rushmore for President Trump

  3. "Lions of Liberty" featuring two paper tigers whose highly academic opinions won't bring us any closer to liberty. These LiTOs (Libertarians in Theory Only) can offer no meaningful contribution in the real world where the welfare state is still in control.