Sunday, January 7, 2018

Tapper Cuts Off Trump Adviser Interview: I've wasted enough of my viewers' time

Popcorn time.




Miller is clueless on immigrants and their productivity:



  1. Miller is quite the sleazeball. Since the first time I've heard him talk defending the WH (or Trump for that matter) it was clear to me that the guy would know no level he wouldn't stoop to.

  2. Meddling begets more meddling. When free markets were abandoned for financialization that rippled through the labor markets. Now a new set of meddlers intends to fix the labor markets not by undoing the previous actions but with more meddling.

  3. Robert, it is obvious that Miller and Tom Cotton and the gaggle of anti-immigrant zealots are lying through their green teeth when they assure everyone --everyone, that is, who is gullible enough to believe them-- that the RAISE act is about economic growth or 'lowering income inequality'. The purpose of the act is merely political, which is to pander to the biases of their supporters. The economic reasons are all based on lies.