Friday, January 5, 2018

Publishing Firm Ecstatic Trump Demands Cease and Desist of Wolff Book

Henry Holt & Co. is the publisher of the Michael Wolff book, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House.

In a letter Thursday, a lawyer for President Trump, Charles Harder, called for Henry Holt to “cease and desist” from publishing the book or any articles or excerpts related to it, saying the book contained “false and/or baseless statements.”

 Alex Tabarrok tweets:
The president has attacked the book in a number of tweets.

The publisher's response: Henry Holt said in a statement that it advanced the release date “due to unprecedented demand.”



  1. My wife and I bought the digital version. I'm starting to read it but my wife is about a chapter ahead and she tells me it reads how we imagined a Trumpista administration would look like, except funnier.

  2. Another Trump feud gets monetized. Coincidence? Maybe. He sure knows how to rile up his opponents and get them to spend their money.