Monday, January 22, 2018

Prosecutors Seek 21 Month Sentence for Rand Paul Attacker

Federal prosecutors will seek a 21-month prison sentence for the man,  neighbor Rene Boucher, accused of tackling U.S. Sen. Rand Paul in Rand's yard, according to a court document that says the man "had enough" when he saw the Republican stacking more brush onto an existing pile, reports ABC News.

Boucher has signed the plea agreement but no date has been set for his guilty plea.

Boucher's attorney said Monday he will argue that his client should not serve any jail time. Attorney Matt Baker said his client is "a good and a decent person" who made a "big mistake."


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  1. The only worse argument than "big mistake" would be "just kidding".

  2. That seems a little low, but not unreasonable. What a psychopath.