Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Oakland City Council To End All Cooperation with ICE

Yet another California city fights back against Trump's aggressive federal government.

 On Tuesday, the Oakland City Council vote on a resolution to formally end all law enforcement cooperation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement and its parent agency Homeland Security Investigations.

The resolution is authored by council members Desley Brooks, Rebecca Kaplan and Noel Gallo and was endorsed unanimously by the board's Public Safety committee on January 9th.

Oakland mayor Libby Schaaf stated on November 22 to KTVU that she agreed with the strengthening of the City's 1986 sanctuary resolution to prohibit all cooperation saying: “Oakland is a proud city of immigrants. We must stand united and protect our most vulnerable communities," reports the Independent East Bay.



  1. I"d be okay with the Feds coming in and arresting and maybe burning some of these people homes down. It was good enough for defenseless mostly whites at Waco, it's good enough for this vermin as well.

    1. How dare those people work and contribute heavily to society?? The nerve of some!

      I'd say the person advocating statism and murder is the higher threat to Western civilization than a few hard working individuals

  2. Arresting them for what? Murdering them for what?

    1. Re: Peter De Baets,

      You should know that TLM gets off on the notion of putting human beings with different skin tones into boxcars and ship them to a desert somewhere. Either that or he's a clumsy and not-very-clever troll. Take your pick.