Thursday, January 11, 2018

Noam Chomsky On the Horrific Deification of Ronald Reagan

Noam Chomsky is just great here.

 But beware, Kurt Nimmo is correct when he writes, "I agree with Chomsky on geopolitics and foreign policy, but otherwise he is a socialist."



(ht Jay Stephenson)


  1. Interesting comments about Reagan being so unpopular when leaving office, I did not realize that. I have heard the same thing about Lincoln, that he was really hated and only later was turned into the American presidential god that we all need to worship. A book on my ever growing list to read about this is "The Unpopular Mr. Lincoln".

    Of course, the classic article about how bad Reagan was is Murray Rothbard's "Ronald Reagan, An Autopsy"

    1. I love that Rothbard piece, which was printed in the August 2004 issue of Liberty magazine (now an online magazine, sadly).

  2. Noam Chomsky is like the worst type of infomercial. He does such a good job of explaining the problem and all of its implications that people are convinced that he's as correct on his prescriptions as he is on his diagnoses. Unfortunately, his prescriptions involve slow-motion suicide by government.

  3. I still remember the jeremiad by Murray Rothbard, savaging Ronald Reagan...which was published in Liberty magazine (god, I miss that magazine!) in August 2004 ("Ronald Reagan: A Political Obituary"). I highly recommend anyone look it up at their site ( where back issues are available in PDF form. That issue had many contributions from various libertarian analysts, assessing the Reagan years, but for me, the Rothbard one stood out. A quote from that article: "The man was a blithering idiot. He made Warren Harding tower like Aristotle."