Sunday, January 21, 2018

Meet California’s Libertarian Candidate for Governor

It appears we have a very interesting libertarian candidate here in California in the governor's race. According to his bio, Nickolas Wildstar is "a self-proclaimed proteg√© of longtime congressman Dr. Ron Paul." He is pretty solid in the interview below.   -RW

By Mamela Fialo 

Though the United States is suffering from bipartisan disagreement on every level of government, one candidate has risen up with a notably unconventional style that doesn’t align with Republicans or Democrats. His name is Nickolas Wildstar, and he wants to return the power of the political class to where it belongs: with the people.
Wildstar is running for Governor of California as a Libertarian. In an exclusive interview with PanAm Post, which has been lightly edited, he explained what changes he wants to implement if he wins office.
The Fight for Liberty
The term “liberal” has been increasingly tied to “progressives” on the left. Far from promoting liberty, leftists have actually normalized censorship and government intervention.
“Thankfully, the root word of liberal is ‘liber,’ meaning free, which is also in Libertarian — the political party that I am running as a candidate for,” Wildstar explained. “The party’s slogan is ‘Minimize Government, Maximize Freedom.'”
Because the progressive movement is popular among college students, Wildstar said he plans to target policies related to the high cost of tuition. While politicians have often looked to subsidies from the state as a solution, Wildstar said that competition in the market can lower prices more effectively and provide more options than regulation.
“Making this correlation clearly and distinctly should clear up any illogical misunderstandings propagated by crony capitalist politicians,” he said. 
Wildstar said he rejects the notion put forward by the mainstream media that socialist ideas like this are “cool.”
“Where does this money to pay for everything come from?” he asked of Senator Bernie Sanders and the Democratic Socialists of America. Wildstar said he wants to deconstruct this concept of state control over the free market. The stronger the tie, the greater the government intervention, and the greater the intervention, the closer the country comes to authoritarianism.


  1. I wish him good luck. Most Americans in general are incredibly stupid about economics. I always hate it when someone tells me something is 'free'.

    Maybe he can get CA broken up. He can send all the illegal immigrants to defecate on the streets of San Francisco:

    1. Re: The Lab Mismanager,

      --- Most Americans in general are incredibly stupid about economics. ---

      Did you bite your tongue when saying that, Mr. "The '65 immigration act hurt American minorities who were already stuck in low wage jobs"?

  2. I wish Wildstar luck, as far as I know he would be running against the transhumanist Zoltan Istvan

    1. Zoltan Istvan is a joke relative to libertarianism. Unfortunately, this is what the LP has become all over the country.