Monday, January 29, 2018

Jordan Peterson Wants a Rematch With Cathy Newman

Jordan Peterson wants a rematch with London's Channel 4 host Cathy Newman. 

A recent interview between the two has been viewed nearly 5 million times on youtube since the debate took place roughly two weeks ago.

On a new David Gornoski podcast, Peterson said that he has contacted Newman in an attempt to arrange another broadcast that would be more conversational, given the interest in the first interview.

According to Peterson, Newman said she didn't see what the big deal was with the first interview and would have to think about whether she was wanted to do a second interview with Peterson.
I contacted her through  some channels and said look you know...
here's how this should end it shouldn't end with me winning because I don't
regard this is a victory because the conversation didn't go well...
and this isn't me against you and I win and you lose because I'm not interested in
that I don't think that's the right outcome I said what should happen now is
that we... get together and have a real conversation like see if we can get past the invective and ideological idiocy and devil's advocacyand primate dominance hierarchy
maneuvering and all of that and have a conversation and she wrote back and she
said well I need to think about it for three days but I don't understand what
all the fuss is about I thought the interview went very well.


  1. Even she isn't stupid enough to get another bloody nose

  2. Hmmm ... Is it trolling for me to warn once more about the seeming worship of Peterson's every word? Or, if I do not warn, am I playing Hayek to his Keynes, and not responding to his latest General Theory"?