Thursday, January 4, 2018

Is Trump About to Pardon Julian Assange?

On New Year's even Julian Assange tweeted out a cryptic series of number and letters:


The tweet also embedded a video of the song “Paper Planes” by singer M.I.A:

A possibly related twitter account, @kill_rogue, tweeted out:
What words do you hear in the song?

Infowars has a solid more complete summary of what might be going down, here taht suggests Assange may be headed to Switzerland.



  1. 5+ years of "house arrest" is a long time for nothing. Here's to your freedom Julian!! Thank you for sticking to your guns. Thank you for speaking to us at RPI in 2017. I appreciate your work!

  2. Don't go where they can kill you Julian. If you go to Switzerland, find another embassy to hole up in. They are like "safe spaces" from deep-state hit teams.