Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Is Banning Immigrants, Who Might Vote Lefty, A Type of "Pre-Crime" Enforcement?

I see some are attempting to justify the prevention of the entry of new immigrants into the country on the grounds that "they will vote for leaders who will institute more socialists programs."

But isn't this a type of pre-crime enforcement action? "You can't come into the country because you might vote for a socialist!"?

As Robert Higgs points out, how do we really know how people will vote in the future?



  1. Hey wait, isn’t that part of your view of why Catalonia shouldn’t secede? They’ll just vote socialist.

  2. Scott Sumner pointed out the obvious flaw in their argument by showing the dempographic and political voting of Texas.

    1. Neoreactionaries seem to think the America of 2060 will be a particularly inhospitable place for white people. And yet white folks are moving to Texas in droves. Indeed the only other state that comes close (in terms of absolute population growth) is Florida, which also has lots of blacks and Hispanics (but not very many Asians).

    2.The Texas economy is also highly successful. Even during the oil bust, people continue to move to Texas and its population continues to grow rapidly, up by nearly a half million (almost 2%) in the most recent year (mid-2014 to mid-2015).

    3. The unemployment rate is only 4.2%, close to the 4.0% considered optimal by Bernie Sanders. And this was accomplished despite the hemorrhaging of oil jobs.
    In electoral terms, Texas is a fairly conservative, small government state.
    So there you have it. The alt-right's looming demographic nightmare is best represented by Texas, a state that is economically quite successful, draws in lots of white migrants from other states, and votes conservative. I wonder what their ideal state looks like? Maybe West Virginia, which is America's least Hispanic state.


  3. I don't see any other evidence to the contrary. Once again, you show your stupidity with these sorry cultures. It's bad enough we have stupid whites voting for more government.

    How will this unchecked immigration lead to a more libertarian society? It won't.

  4. "Why wait for immigrants to flood in and vote frightening powers to the state when we can just cut out the middleman and implement those scary powers ourselves?!" - "Libertarians" who don't like brown people

  5. California used to vote R. Now it votes D. Does it have anything to do with 14 million Mexicans invading?

    1. There aren't 14 million Mexican immigrants in the United States, let alone in California.

      Why do Trumpistas have this penchant for tripling quantities? Is it concussions?

    2. Of course its not true.....scapegoating immigrants is an easy target. The actual reason California turned Blue was because of white people.

      From the article- "The Real Reason California Turned Blue"

      "To more fully explain California’s political evolution, you need to look at domestic migration patterns as well. Since it entered the union, California has absorbed tens of millions of Americans from other states, including most famously during the Gold Rush, the Dust Bowl, and the postwar era of Federal investment and industrialization. But beginning in around 1990, just when California started to turn blue, this pattern reversed: For the past quarter-century, California has been a net exporter of people. This has largely been a working class exodus, with families disproportionately represented. “One of the largest groups of workers leaving California” between 2007 and 2013, the Los Angeles Times reported in 2015, “was those who had more than a high school diploma but less than a bachelor’s degree.” As Michael Saltsman notes in the Orange County Register, “an analysis of Census Bureau data by the Sacramento Bee shows that, between 2005 and 2015, 800,000 working-class Californians on net left for other states. Twenty percent of this net working-class outflow—156,000—went to one state in particular: Texas.”


  6. If the illegals don't vote for socialism, why do the Dems send the voter registration buses into the favelas?

  7. I just don't want my tax dollars paying for all of them. And don't tell me they contribute to our economy. I live in a small city with a huge illegals population and I see how the game is played: entire families living on welfare, subsidized housing and other benefits while the men go out as day laborers for which they pay no taxes. They should go back to the days where you could only come in If you could support yourself with no benefits.

    1. Re: Robert What?

      --- I live in a small city with a huge illegals population and I see how the game is played: entire families living on welfare, subsidized housing and other benefits ---


    2. I'll pretend for a moment that you are even worth engaging. Please elaborate.

    3. Franco is one of those culturally blind libertardians. He can't grasp that only one culture produced what we know as libertarianism. Yet, I'm sure he doe not live in a crime filled ghetto neighborhood.

    4. "I just don't want my tax dollars paying for all of them." Exactly. The next step in the argument is that this applies to every human, not just those coming from other countries.

      Just stop the root problem of state welfare and the secondary issue of immigration would clear itself up.

      Although...a recent Stefan Molyneux podcast with Adam Kokesh spoke through many of the counter arguments to the "just stop state welfare" argument.

      I still think the potential for state escalation of violence (required to actually enforce a strict immigration code) is a much more painful path then stopping the flow of goodies to domestic and foreign born alike.

    5. Oh, can you imagine the loss of life and liberty under a full on "war on immigration"? Like our govt's "war on drugs" or "war on poverty"...it's pretty telling that they dont even bother hiding that they are only good at destruction (war)!

      Or are you just too enamored with our govt's skill at dealing with social issues to notice they ruin everything else they wade into?

      Can you please elaborate why you think govt can even hope to handle and deepen its reach into an issue like immigration management without further ruining our lives?

  8. Adopting the George Bush argument.

    I had to abandon free market principles in order to save the free market system. George Bush

    We have to abandon free society principles in order to save the free society.