Sunday, January 28, 2018

How Twitter Could Solve Its Censorship Problem

Twitter's filtering system has caused outrage amongst parts of the Twitter community.

Twitter responds that it must filter to protect against spam tweets, supposed Russian bots, vulgar language etc.

But there is a simple solution for Twitter to end the outrage over censorship.

Twitter should provide simple options for filters it uses, in the form of opt-ins.

Say, for example, Twitter filters along the following lines:


Russian bots

Vulgar language

Whatever the filter, Twitter should give users the option to opt-in on generally filtered tweets. This way individuals can determine for themselves what is being filtered and determine for themselves what they want to be "protected" from with easily deigned opt-in and back-out features.

End of problem.



  1. Ah, but Twatter is an SJW converged company. They want to force their poopy leftist drivel on the rest of us even at the cost of users and advertising. Kind of like the poop heads at the NFL though I don't really watch football. Nothing like pissing off a large portion of your fan base for the sake of SJWisms.

    I'm surprised they let Trump stay on as pres, but I guess they know that would be the end if they banned him.

    1. Wait a minute, Twitter is only defending their electornic borders. I would think you guys of all people, would appreciate that.

    2. Twatter, Fecebook, and Google should be declared public utilities and regulated accordingly. Besides, don't leftist like bigger more oppressive government when it suits them?

  2. Trump is single handedly keeping Twitter afloat.

  3. Its about the only thing I can say thank you to the Idiocrat in Chief - he inadvertently helped show this orgs true colors.

    I feel good about turning my back on the skewed network. Will have to keep an eye out for someone that takes open communication seriously

  4. I believe you are mistaking Twitter's intentions. While they may wish to end the outrage over censorship, it is unlikely that they wish to do so at the expense of the actual censorship.