Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown Says He Might Take the Interim Mayorship if He was Offered $100 Million

Following the passing of Mayor Ed Lee, the San Franciso Board of Supervisors is about to name an interim mayor. Some believe it should be a caretaker who would not seek the mayorship in the June special election.

A survey by Public Policy Polling taken last month shows former mayor Willie Brown would be the first choice of 30 percent of San Francisco poll respondents.

The 83-year old Brown's initial reaction:
I wasn’t all that good when I had the job and I don’t think I would be any better now.
Well, he is right there, but that is the kind of reaction I like in a politician and he would be in office for less than 6 months. How much damage could he do?

And, I really like how he priced himself out of the market (I hope) with his follow-up comment in his weekly San Francisco Chronicle column:
False hope: The [Oallnad] Raiders’ season just completed its crash and burn, leaving only the smoldering remains — a fired coach and a roster of underperformers, led by a quarterback coming off a broken leg and fractured back.
You think Jon Gruden is going to fix this mess? It makes about as much sense as bringing me back as interim mayor.
Of course, I might do it for $100 million.

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