Sunday, January 28, 2018

"Essays in Honor of Walter Block"

Walter Block
The Mises Colombia Institute ( and the Foundation for Economic Education in Spanish ( have announced the planned launch of a new journal, Revista
Estudios Libertarios.

The first edition is titled Essays in Honor of Walter Block.

The issue is expected to be published in June, its theme being the libertarian theoretical line sketched by Walter Block, especially in the “Defending the Undefendable” series.

Congratulations to Walter Block!



  1. Wouldn't be surprised if he'd go the Jeffrey Tucker way any time soon..

    1. What exactly is the "Jeffrey Tucker way"? The only crime Tucker has committed is that he doesn't endorse the blood and soil, throne and altar version of libertarianism that comes from certain quatrters.

  2. Mr. Block may be sound in the remote reaches of high theory, but he seems so devoid of common sense and out of touch with the concerns of real people that ultimately, he may wind up discrediting both himself (no great loss) and libertarian theory itself.