Tuesday, January 16, 2018

DHS Preparing to Arrest Leaders of Sanctuary Cities

This is truly and horrifically Lincolnesque. Let's see how states' rights people react to this Trump administration move.

The Washington Times reports:
Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen confirmed Tuesday that her department has asked federal prosecutors to see if they can lodge criminal charges against sanctuary cities that refuse to cooperate with federal deportation efforts.

“The Department of Justice is reviewing what avenues may be available,” Ms. Nielsen told the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Her confirmation came after California’s new sanctuary law went into effect Jan. 1, severely restricting cooperation the state or any of its localities could offer.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Tom Homan says those policies put his officers and local communities at more risk because they have to arrest illegal immigrants out in the community.

Mr. Homan told The Washington Times last July that he wanted to see local officials charged as complicit in human smuggling if they shielded illegal immigrants through sanctuary policies.


  1. This is good. The more absurd this stuff becomes the more likely people will realize government is absurd, not just individuals in it or party membership. Doesn’t Malcolm Gladwell say it takes 10,000 hours for people to finally get good at something? Maybe this is about hour 9900 of people realizing the immorality of government

  2. Wait just a minute. We have elected officials of THIS country defending people who are NOT citizens and are NOT complying with our laws. This is involving criminal acts not just being here illegally. And you're making the case that the federal government has no right to enforce its laws when those officials are condoning and protecting such illegal behavior DETRIMENTAL to the citizens? So what's the point of being a citizen, then?

    Robert, your Trump Derangement Syndrome is manifesting. You are dangerously close to having a Cory Booker moment here.

    I guess you agree with Senator Graham that America belongs to the world. Good luck with your libertarian principles in the socialist globalist plantation. The rest of us will just have to find another country where our rights and interests are upheld and protected - which is the first duty of government.

    1. Do you live in Liechtenstein or maybe Switzerland? Otherwise, your rights aren’t being protected by any government anywhere.

    2. Well said! I'm still looking for any evidence of an African or Middle Eastern or Chinese Misesian or enlightenment or property rights and NAP.

      Libertardians just don't get it.