Thursday, January 25, 2018

BREAKING Sabrin to Seek New Jersey Libertarian Party Nomination for US Senate

Target Liberty can confirm the NJ Insider report that Murray Sabrin will seek the New Jersey Libertarian Party nomination for the U.S. Senate.

Expect Sabrin to make a formal announcement of his decision later today.

I  anticipate that this is going to be a hardcore principled libertarian campaign that will teach libertarians across the country how to run successful campaigns without moving away from principle.

And this is big: Sources close to the soon to be launched campaign tell me that Sabrin is going to refuse all campaign contributions and will instead suggest that supporters donate campaign earmarked money to their favorite charity instead.



  1. Hopefully he's thought of a way to show up on anyone's radar before the election. Otherwise, he'll just be the ignored third name on a ballot where everyone else in Jersey has already picked his democrat.

  2. So is this a serious run or just an education tour that gets no respect from the mainstream?