Friday, January 19, 2018

BOMBSHELL: House Intelligence Report Could Lead to Removal of Senior Government Officials and End of Mueller Investigation

Award-winning National Security/War Correspondent Sara Carter is reporting a bombshell tonight:
A review of a classified document outlining what is described as extensive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act abuse was made available to all House members Thursday and the revelations could lead to the removal of senior officials in the FBI and Department of Justice, several sources with knowledge of the document stated. These sources say the report is “explosive,” stating they would not be surprised if it leads to the end of Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel investigation into President Trump and his associates.
This is a developing story, return to this post for updates.


Congressional reaction:


Sean Hannity, for what it is worth: "It's bigger than Watergate."


Rep. Jim Jordan after seeing the report, "It shocked me."


  1. Shimshon, for what it's worth: It's far bigger than Watergate.

    For those of us who have been following this for months (or more), this is old news. For those like you Bob, who know it's Fake News but still pay close too much attention to it anyway, what went down is this.

    The DoJ and FBI were politicized to a degree that you could say that a genuine coup attempt against Trump (after the election, plus equally bad stuff before) was at play, at the highest levels of government, and that it at the very least goes to the Clinton campaign, and possibly can be tied to Hillary herself, along with perhaps even Obama. That's the story behind the "Steele Dossier" and what the summary report contains. Hannity indeed has a flair for understatement.

    1. Come on who is going to believe that Obama used a law enforcement arm of the federal government to illegally target conservatives.

  2. Seeing is believing. I’ll get excited when I see the prison doors slam behind government or deep state officials.

  3. The Swamp protect their own. No one is going to jail, no one is getting fired fired, and no one is losing their pension. Symbolic demotions at most.

  4. An easy way to release the memo (Cong. Gaetz and former SSA Dan Bongino call your offices):

    #3. The Constitution protects members of Congress from prosecution for “any speech or debate in either House.”
    Members of Congress have legal immunity for acts they commit as part of the legislative process. Article I, Section 6, clause 1 of the Constitution states that “for any speech or debate in either House, [Senators and Representatives] shall not be questioned in any other place.” It is this constitutional shield that protected Sen. Mike Gravel of Alaska from legal consequences in 1971 when he read sections of the Pentagon Papers during a meeting of the Senate Subcommittee on Public Buildings and Grounds, and then placed the rest of the Pentagon Papers into the Congressional Record.

    It’s true that members could face legal consequences for ancillary acts — perhaps if they unlawfully removed the relevant material from the congressional SCIF. But they could go to the House floor and describe both the memo’s revelations and the underlying evidence for it without any fear of legal consequences.

    If the memo really proves what they claim, it would seem to be their patriotic duty would compel them do this. Ordinary citizens — like Daniel Ellsberg, Edward Snowden, and Chelsea Manning — have risked prison in order to expose what they believed were serious official crimes; these members of Congress can do this without any of those consequences. So what justifies their failure to do this?