Monday, December 4, 2017

Why is Alan Dershowitz Supporting Donald Trump Against the Special Prosecutor?

A Target Liberty reader emails:
Robert, I would like to hear your thoughts on this.

Dershowitz has curiously turned. He was implicated in the Epstein Lolita Express/Orgy Island mess. Since then he is being very apologetic towards those who could arrest him at a moment's notice. I just wonder if he is trying to stay out of the pokey and burnish his reputation by brown nosing people in power.
RW response:

To question the motives behind Dershowitz's defense of Trump against the special prosecutor is an ad hominem fallacy.

I don't care what his motives are, I am looking at the soundness of his argument and it looks pretty sound to me. And my comment comes as someone who is not a supporter of President Trump nor have I ever flown on the Lolita Express.

But further, to put the attack against Dershowitz under the microscope, it is difficult for me to see how he's going after the top lawyers in the Justice Department, which is  the special prosecutor's team, is "brown nosing people in power." He is going after very powerful people.

I haven't studied Dershowitz's career in detail but a cursory following of his career suggests that he talks principles. To be sure, he does take high paying cases and defends his clients using the best of his skills, but isn't that what we expect from our lawyers in the present system?

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