Saturday, December 9, 2017

What Trump's Recognition of Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel Means

Eric Margolis writes:
There was huge symbolism in this move that met with universal condemnation.   It means the US is abandoning any chance of a two-state solution, which was the original UN plan for Palestine. Henceforth, Palestinians will subsist in a Jewish unitary state as a powerless, restive underclass.  Washington is violating international law, the 1993 Oslo Accords, and countless UN resolutions.

Crusader Trump’s decision strongly suggests there will be no Palestinian state, no Palestinian capital in East Jerusalem, and no political hope for the region’s 5.5 million Palestinians refugees living precariously in Israel, the occupied West Bank, Gaza, Syria and Lebanon.
And here is Margolis on why Trump did it:

Trump is surrounded by ardent Greater Israel supporters in Washington and New York that include his immediate family, and so-called ‘advisors’ from the extreme far right.  Amazingly, his much ballyhooed speech last May in Saudi Arabia to assorted Arab potentates and vassals was actually written by a thirty-something ultra-Zionist right-winger from Santa Monica, California...

He just wants a faux peace agreement adorned with his royal signature.  What really counts to Trump is winning American Jewish support in the next election and satisfying his vital evangelical Christian voter base...

America’s Christian far right, which comprises half of Republican voters, earnestly believes in Biblical prophesy that the Messiah cannot come until ancient Israel is reconstituted, the world’s Jews are ingathered to Greater Israel, the Messiah returns and non-believers perish in the final destruction of earth.

These folk are ardent ‘Christian Zionists’ who applaud Trump’s policies.  Most of their information about the outside comes from Christian evangelical publications and TV stations or, in the case of Trump, from Fox TV, another dedicated supporter of Greater Israel.

The Christian evangelists are the core of Trump’s support in rural and suburban America.


  1. Palestinians don't have a voice in anything that happens. Since Israel's establishment, they have been making and breaking agreements as it benefits them, and creating "facts on the ground" that contradict previous agreements. Unilaterally.

    For both sides (and the world), it is now officially a one-state solution. For Palestinians, it is now more than just a human rights issue, it is now a civil rights struggle: One person, one vote.

    Let Israel decide, again unilaterally, is it going to be a democratic state with equal political rights for all (including all Palestinians)? Or is it going to be a Jewish state, with the demographics leaving no option for democracy?

    1. Well, around here, we generally look at democracy as the god that failed.

    2. My worry is that violence is going to explode. For decades, the PLO and Fatah were told... They only way to get anything is through negotiations. Three decades later, young Palestinians have seen through that ruse after this announcement. I worry about the future.

  2. The Truth About Jerusalem (less than five minutes) from Paul Joseph Watson