Monday, December 11, 2017

What is Interesectionality Theory?

Watch this and you will understand the madness that is going on.




  1. It would seem that good platform for the LP would be to defund immediately anyone promoting this or any form of post-modernist nonsense using government money at an "educational" facility. Of course, that might offend the left, so nevermind.

  2. Thomas Sowell's research exposed this nonsense 40 years ago. Absent government interference, hated minority groups often make lots more money than do the "privileged" groups. Further, libertarianism is based upon the concept that each individual, regardless of their group membership or ethnicity, has a full set of rights. Certainly, these nitwits would not know that. Is it love of university sports teams that precludes Republicans from de-funding these creeps?

    The people spouting this crap are stupid and dishonest and they know no history, economics or even human nature. Like Keynesians.

  3. As a Rothbardian, there's something about intersectionality that resonates with me. Underneath the veneer of freedom in the US there IS a matrix of oppression; BY THE STATE. Our intersectional vectors are that we're human, and libertarian.