Wednesday, December 27, 2017

What the Hell is Going On: Are the Masses Being Brain-Controlled?

MB emails:
I am  not trying to be "Tin Hat" with my question to you. Statement first:

It seems to me that there is  exponential growth in the number of folks in this country developing, holding and expressing vociferously, even angrily, very strange and humanly hostile ideas. It almost appears to manufactured though, in what I feel is an intense effort to subvert and disparage tradition.

Do you think it is possible that some of these people are mentally/emotionally controlled remotely to some extent?


Is it possible that some substance is damaging these peoples brain?

 I am just continually shocked at what some folks think these days.

Am I paranoid?
 RW response:

Nothing going on requires an explanation of government or other operators using some type of mysterious brain control of the masses.

The masses are just very easily managed by demagogues. It happened, for example, in Mao's China and Lennin/Stalin's Soviet Union, where tens of millions were killed in one fashion or another. Chapter 10, "Why the Worst Get On Top," of  F. A. Hayek's The Road to Serfdom discusses this problem.

Indeed, there are many now infatuated with Donald Trump who doesn't have a single libertarian brain cell---but he knows how to get the masses going, in many ways similar to the way Mussolini did.

The Left, on the other hand, knows how to get into the heads of the college kids.

I don't expect the situation to change anytime soon but it isn't completely hopeless. I believe there are ways to get libertarian themes advanced and accepted on a very basic level by the masses, but more work needs to be done by the deep thinking libertarians on how to approach this.


  1. I agree that nothing special is going on. We are simply seeing the product of over a century of hard work and progressively better methods and techniques by our "betters" bearing its fruit.

  2. Maybe a tin hat will do some good.

    There is more than just a little evidence that space weather (radiation that originates in space that reaches Earth) effects humans including our brains. The more space weather that reaches Earth the higher incidence of anxiety, depression, bio polar disorder, and suicide.

    There are even those that have postulated that humans have been drastically and suddenly altered due to high amounts of radiation from massive amounts of plasma entering Earth’s atmosphere. Robert Schoch thinks human mental abilities were diminished by such an event that also ended the last ice age.

    I realize that the Sun is currently in the low point of its solar cycle and there are some that say the output of the Sun is going into a 400 year low point that could be similar to the Maunder Minimum which coincided with the Little Ice Age. So we should have less space weather right? Not necessarily.

    First the so called solar winds shield the solar system from cosmic rays. The lower activity of the Sun will allow more cosmic rays to reach Earth. Also, our main protection from space weather is Earth’s magnetic field which has been weakening. This is a double whammy that has not occurred during the existence of humans.

    There are some that say this double exposure will bring a new era of enlightenment. That the universe will be exposed to the Earth and humanity in a way we have not experienced allowing for a higher understanding of existence.

    You never know, this could be just what we need to get to a PPS.

    1. The solar wind doesnt "shield the solar system from cosmic rays." And yes, please wear a foil hat so the rest of us can easily recognise the prophesy-maker.

    2. Shield may have been the wrong word as it is not 100% of GCR's that the solar wind stops from reaching Earth. Also the strength of the solar wind diminishes with distance from the Sun.

  3. The Russian collusion nonsense is a good example of this mass insanity. It's quite absurd but I would bet that most adults (typically uninformed) believe this twaddle.

  4. Education (libertarian, economics/free trade/free markets, honest and factual history - not the white-washed version we got/get in high school and college) is the key. The "shocking" level of thinking by so many goes right to the fact they have been indoctrinated along progressivist and socialist lines.