Friday, December 8, 2017

Was Gloria Allred Set Up?

First, full disclosure, although I am not close to Gloria Allred, I do run into her from time to time when I am in southern California.

Gloria Allred and Robert Wenzel
That said, the current controversy, surrounding the Beverly Young Nelson yearbook with the alleged signature of Roy Moore, reminds me an awful lot of the Dan Rather controversy when he attempted to report on the likely shady performance of George W. Bush as a Texas Air National Guard airman.

From Wikipedia:
On September 8, 2004, Rather reported on 60 Minutes Wednesday that a series of memos critical of President George W. Bush's Texas Air National Guard service record had been discovered in the personal files of Lt. Bush's former commanding officer, Lt. Col. Jerry B. Killian. Once copies of the documents were made available on the Internet, their authenticity was quickly called into question. Much of this was based on the fact that the documents were proportionally printed and displayed using other modern typographic conventions usually unavailable on military typewriters of the 1970s. The font used on the documents has characteristics that exactly match standard font features of Microsoft Word. This led to claims that the memos were forgeries. The accusations then spread over the following days into mainstream media outlets including The Washington Post,The New York Times, and the Chicago Sun-Times.

Rather and CBS initially defended the story, sinsisting that the documents had been authenticated by experts CBS was contradicted by some of the experts it originally cited,[and later reported that its source for the documents – former Texas Army National Guard officer Lt. Col. Bill Burkett – had misled the network about how he had obtained them.
On September 20, CBS retracted the story.
It is long been suspected that Bush operatives were behind the leak of the forged documents. It's a clever political strategy.

They switched focus away from the very likely fact that Bush was protected from true "service" and likely did not show up many times when he was required to for Guard duty, to the sensational headline, "Dan Rather Reported Fraudulent Documents as Fact About Bush's Air National Guard Service." Clever.

Now, we have the case of the very strange and creepy Roy Moore, who has the backing of Republican black bag operatives, and suddenly the focus has moved from his dating teen girls when he was in his thirties to the headline: "Gloria Allred is Promoting a Fake Roy Moore Yearbook Signature." Clever.



Moore Accuser Now Admits She Altered Her Yearbook



  1. --- Allred added: "We did not ask the expert to examine the printing after the cursive writing and signature, because Beverly indicates that she added that to remind herself of who Roy Moore was and where and when Mr. Moore signed her yearbook." ---

    That suggests the accuser didn't alter her yearbook, merely wrote a note alongside Moore's signature which was analyzed by a handwriting expert. You can take the expert's word for what it is but I don't see where is the set up. What I find fascinating is that you're linking to Lew Rockwell's website who, for some reason, decided to defend the resolutely illiberal Moore.

  2. Interesting hypothesis but I don't know that it holds water. That would mean two things: First: Nelson herself is secretly in cahoots with Moore. Second; the Republican Establishment secretly support Moore despite pretending to detest him.