Sunday, December 24, 2017

The Vision of Harry Browne

Harry Browne was a great libertarian communicator.

This is just great stuff.  Notice, Browne doesn't hedge and move away from libertarian principle on any question.



  1. Aah, good ol' Harry Browne. I miss him. I can't think of Harry without remembering this classic:

  2. I was the third person to read Why Government Doesn't Work after the author and the editor. Age 11. Blew my mind. It was like someone explaining gravity. Suddenly everything made sense.

  3. The last Libertarian campaign I donated money to. A great representative for the party.

  4. Minor quibbles: Bill of Rights to me are less important than the fact those powers are not enumerated at all anyway.

    Repudiate debt, don't pay it off.

    Somewhat related:

    From a non-Miesian, but sums it up quite nicely. I wonder if he will take next the intellectual step because it is the feature and not a bug in the god that failed, and become an anarcho-capitalist.

    "There is no true small government party. There is a Hamiltonian party and a Wilsonian party. Both have grand ambitions for the central state." Jay Cost

  5. What % of the electorate were persuaded by this style? Less than 1%. If you are a libertarian and want to persuade, you have to use emotion and identity.

  6. Harry Browne was the last person I ever voted for. A true libertarian light and one of my first influences.

  7. It's very interesting how his arguments (in this clip) are all either Constitutional or utilitarian, rather than based on the immorality of the state.