Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Russia Accuses Trump of Fomenting War...

...and the Russians are correct.

Specifically, Russia has denounced the Trump administration’s decision to provide new lethal weapons to the Ukrainian military, saying the US had “crossed the line” in the conflict and accusing Washington of fomenting bloodshed.

The angry response from Sergei Ryabkov, deputy foreign minister, comes amid rising tensions in US-Russia relations, with the Trump administration recently publishing a new national security strategy that labelled Moscow a “revisionist power,” reports The Financial Times

“Washington is trying to present itself as a mediator,” Ryabkov said, according to a statement published on Saturday on the Russian foreign ministry website. “It is not a mediator at all, it is an accomplice in fomenting a war.”

News reports indicate that Trump is sending, among other weapons, Javelin anti-tank missiles.

This goes beyond the recklessness of the Obama administration which resisted Ukrainian requests for Javelins, fearing the use of US-made missiles against Russian tanks could escalate the conflict to an international level.

The United States has no business in Ukraine. It is using the Ukraine unrest as cover to get its assets on the border between Ukraine and Russia. This is not the act of a friendly operator. It is the action of a hostile nation in the face of  Russia.



  1. Hostile government not nation. And the government is a rogue empire.

  2. VPI is correct. Only governments go to war, not nations. As soon as a government is neutralized, conflict ends.