Wednesday, December 27, 2017

More on Ross Ulbricht and a Trump Pardon

As a follow up to, Okay Libertarians for Trump Make Some Noise: #RossUlbricht, CC: @WalterEBlock, Roger Stone, Walter Block emails to remind me of his paper on Ulbricht in the Journal of Economic and Social Thought:
Is Ross Ulbricht of Silk Road a Libertarian Hero?


Abstract. Ross Ulbricht was sentenced to life imprisonment with no possibility of parole for electronically facilitating trade in illegal drugs with his website Silk Road. This is a more severe penalty given to drug dealers, and even murderers. Is he heroic for violating an unjust law, which makes selling drugs a victimless crime? Is he a libertarian? Is he a libertarian hero? These are the questions addressed in the present paper.

Walter adds in his email:
Hey, if Trump does pardon him, that’ll be one point on my side of our debate!
As an aside, although I believe that Ross has been treated horrifically by the government and should be released immediately, I do not believe he is a hero (See: Is Ross Ulbricht a Hero?).


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  1. Any man who scales any government erected fence is a hero. There is real value in demonstrating to the whipped dogs that the masters are not omnipotent. Illegal immigrants, drug dealers, hookers, pranksters and daredevils all do a tremendous service when they defy the state. We can all learn from the defiant kids skateboarding where it's illegal. Most people can't even muster the courage to J-walk.