Friday, December 1, 2017

Marxist Origins of Hate-Speech Legislation and Political Correctness

Recently, the Cato Institute ran a very important panel discussion on the Marxist origins of hate-speech legislation and political correctness.

 The two panelists were Christina Hoff Sommer and Flemming Rose.

Rose spoke first, explaining how the Soviet Union and others used hate-speech legislation and political correctness to wipe out dissent.

Sommer followed with a powerful presentation describing the current state of political correctness on college campuses and why it is so difficult to use logic when discussing views with social justice warriors. She was particularly illuminating on the history and rise of  Intersectionality Theory.

Find the time to watch this. You will not fully understand what is going on at college campuses today and also its historical context without being aware of what is presented in this video.



  1. This presentation helped me realize that Marx not only did not care about the working class but had distain for working people.

    At about 50:40 Hoff Sommer describes how Marx, living in London at the time, was "uninterested" in the Crystal Palace Exhibition which Hoff Sommer describes as, "a celebration of industrialization and also a tribute to the bourgeois middle class life." I also have heard that Marx while living with Engels in London never visited the mill owned by Engels father in Manchester. This while Marx was writing and philosophizing about the workers in such a mill.

  2. " Pathological hatred for the imperfection and the normal. Theirs is a cry against the actual on behalf of the unknowable." Hoff Sommer quoting Rodger Scruton on Marxists. That is a nugget at about 52:30.