Sunday, December 31, 2017

Is Mueller Going to Split the Trump Family?

That's what I hear from a source who would know about these things.

The President is going to have some very interesting choices to make in 2018.



  1. I guess Mueller is desperate to find something ... anything ... even tangentially related to Trump so as to avoid looking like a total fool. That "something" will most likely be related to Kushner and/or Kushner's family. One of Trump's absolute worst decisions was letting Kushner be part of the administration.

  2. If Kushner goes, Ivanka cannot tenably stay... and then Trump will be without a significant leftward tug. Be careful what you wish for Democrats.

  3. I think Trump would pardon his son in law.

  4. isn't this the same strategy they used to get Flynn to plead guilty? It just screams we got nothing but we can still screw someone you love. Gotcha.