Friday, December 15, 2017

George Soros Getting Young Blood Pumped Into His Veins

Following my post reporting on speculation that Henry Kissinger may be getting young blood pumped into his veins, a person in a position to know things about George Soros (87), has contacted me and tells me that Soros is getting young blood transfusions.

As I reported in my original post, experiments with laboratory mice show that young mouse blood pumped into elderly mice rejuvenates the elderly mice.

Experiments on humans in this field are heating up in Silicon Valley.



Jeff Miller emails:

 All I could think of.



  1. Hopefully that's part of Lew Rockwell's treatment!

  2. So that is how Soros is able to keep stirring up trouble around the world.

  3. Vampires are getting so lazy these days. I blame smartphones.

  4. I cant be the only one who finds that creepy, am I?