Tuesday, December 12, 2017

David Gordon On an Excellent Discussion About Crazed Intersectionality Theory

I asked David Gordon to a look at the video of the panel discussion, by Christina Hoff Sommer and Flemming Rose, on the Marxist Origins of Hate-Speech Legislation and Political Correctness.

He responds:
This was an excellent discussion, Sommers's criticisms of intersectionality remind me of Mises's remarks in Human Action about polylogism. Her stress on lived experience and narratives in the interesectionality movement was important. One name that should be added to her list is Patricia Williams, a  Harvard Law professor who uses narratives extensively.


  1. If you look at it as a sort of Venn diagram for employability, it's a diagram of onefer, twofers, 3fers, etc. the sixfers being the highest ranked of ALL hires, commanding stratospheric salaries.

  2. Only 6 oppressions, why stop at 6?
    What about the mentally challenged, the tall person, short person, big feet, fat, thin, blotchy skin, big ears, big nose... The whole thing is ridiculous.

    1. In Santa Cruz, there's an ordinance prohibiting hiring discrimination on the basis of appearance, i.e. you gotta hire that fat chick with the nose ring.

  3. I have some intersecting oppressions: The income tax, the sales tax, the excise tax, the inheritance tax, the car tax, the business tax, etc...