Friday, December 22, 2017

Crazed Propaganda Video: Saudi Arabia Launches Successful Attack on Iran

The below animated film in which Saudi Arabian forces attack and successfully win a war against Iran is, I am told, going viral in the Saudi Kingdom.

Note well, at the end of the film cheering Saudis are holding up pictures of the reckless and ruthless buddy of Jared Kushner, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, heir to the throne who just had arrested most of his male cousins and is reportedly torturing some of them.


  1. Wishful thinking. That's similar to how Vietnam was supposed to work out for the USA. Frustrating how wars never seem to play out as planned.

  2. Neat propaganda. Even if the graphics were about as good as a 2003 video game.
    Obviously Saudi has been the aggressive regime, especially as of late.
    And Iran has started a war since when? 180 year or something?
    Where’s Daniel McAdams when we need some smart input? I’d like to know if he thinks the Saudis could even take Iran. Surely not in an invasion? And definitely not without full US support. And it seems like this video forgot about the Russian S-300 anti-air systems...

  3. I wait with bated breath for the next installment: "The Return of the
    Revolutionary Guard".