Monday, November 6, 2017

WOW It's Out in the Open: Trump Tweets Support for the Saudi Purge

This is very bad. Crown Prince Mohammed Salman is a major league Iran hater.

And this is the US picking sides in
an internal Suadi power struggle.

I saw it coming, but none the less, this is very disturbing and could have very negative global repercussions.



Daniel Larison writes:

Trump’s embrace of the Saudis has been one of the greatest blunders of his presidency to date, and today he has reaffirmed that he has profoundly bad judgment when it comes to this relationship. There is no reason to have confidence in Salman and his son after the last two and a half years, and there is certainly nothing to support the claim that they know what they are doing. The war on Yemen has become a quagmire for the Saudis and their allies and a catastrophe for the people of Yemen. Trump supports it. The campaign against Qatar has been a useless and ill-advised misadventure that is also hurting members of the Saudi-led bloc. Trump has been an enthusiastic cheerleader. The crown prince is carrying out a massive purge that will drive away foreign investment in the short term and destabilize the kingdom. Once again, Trump is only too happy to approve of anything the Saudi government does, no matter how dangerous or despicable it may be.

Considering his claims to represent American nationalists, it is laughable that Trump is one of the most obsequious sycophants of the Saudi government in the world. Nothing could be less populist or less “Jacksonian” than sucking up to a foreign despotic government in this fashion.



  1. Meh. Trump supports distractions of all sorts. Appears that the Cankles allies are out of the picture for good. We have a new middle east game.... Probably same as the old with, a few new wrinkles.

    It is looking like Cankles and her rapist beau, might be getting dumped from the establishment. Go long popcorn!

  2. This is unmistakably part and parcel of draining the swamp in DC. Not sure how otherwise astute observers are missing this, except for the Trump Derangement Syndrome. May God Bless Donald Trump, the modern day George Washington!

    1. Clearly he’s playing 17-dimensional chess while the rest of us are stuck on tic-tac-toe.

    2. LOL OK you guys stand with bin Talal. When DC Swamp is unplugged RW will cry that Trump is taking political prisoners like a Commie dictator.

  3. Iran is not our enemy and the Saudis are certainly not our friends.