Saturday, November 11, 2017

Will Trump Deliver 'Graveyard Peace' to the Middle East?

Noam Chomsky sat down with T.J. Coles, the director of the Plymouth Institute for Peace Research, to discuss American foreign policy.

Chomsky said “no strategic policy is discernable” when it came to the Trump administration’s actions in
Syria. He spoke of the airstrike on al-Shayrat air base: “The act seems to have been designed for an American audience, instructed that at last Trump has become a true president.”

Trump is currently on his first official tour through Asia. During their conversation, Coles asked Chomsky about Trump’s role in Asia, to which Chomsky said Trump “is intent on ‘rebuilding our depleted military,’ already the most advanced and powerful in world history, far ahead of any conceivable group of competitors, and providing more authority to the military to act free from civilian control. ‘America first,’ with a big fist but no nonsense about diplomacy and ‘soft power.’”

When it comes to the issue of peace in Israel-Palestine, Chomsky was skeptical about Trump’s ability to guide this process. He said the chances of peace are “Even lower than they have been for some time—unless we mean ‘the peace of the graveyard’.”

(via Alternet)

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