Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Why Did Rand Paul's Neighbor Attack Him?

FOX News 1340 reports:

Sen. Rand Paul does not know why a longtime neighbor tackled him in his yard and broke five of his ribs, sidelining him from the Senate, a close friend of the lawmaker said Tuesday.

Rob Porter, who says he has known Paul for 20 years, visited the Senator on Saturday just one day after the attack. He said Paul was mowing his yard and had stopped to remove a limb when 59-year-old Rene Boucher, Paul's neighbor for 17 years, tackled him from behind, slamming him to the ground. Porter said Paul was wearing ear protection and did not hear Boucher coming...

"Rand doesn't really have any interaction with the guy. If there was a dispute, I do believe Rand wasn't aware of it," Porter said. "I have been to their house socially and for a variety of reasons for going on 20 years, I've never heard (Paul) mention (Boucher), good or bad."...

Porter said Paul was "in pretty good spirits to be in as much pain as he was."

"It's hard to move around, you can't sneeze," he said. "Rand is a really tough guy. You've seen that in his (politics) and that's the way he is personally. He is just, you know, he's just going to make it through this."



  1. saw one post that suggested he was incensed about a pumpkin patch that Paul had on his property in the gated community which i can completely imagine happening as my father in law, in the community he lives in, is always bitching about other residents to the president.

  2. Great, so one of the few senators with half a brain in his head is sidelined. Maybe the guy was incensed that Rand has Trump's ear?