Sunday, November 19, 2017

VIDEO: University of Illinois Instructor Arrested for Attacking Conservative Students

A University of Illinois graduate instructor was arrested for assaulting two students during an anti-Trump protest last Thursday, stealing the phone of one student and throwing it on the sidewalk, reports Campus Reform.

Tariq Khan charged the students in a rage after one of them mocked the 39-year-old by asking,
“Don’t you have anything better to do? Don’t you have kids?”

According to Campus Reform, Khan is a PhD candidate at the university and has taught courses such as “Constructing Race in America” and “U.S. Gender History since 1877.” He is also involved with various anarchist and communist organizations including Black Rose Anarchist Federation and Antifa, in addition to working with the undergraduate socialist students.

Three weeks earlier, Khan aided the campus student government in shutting down the university’s homecoming parade for including a float celebrating the school’s former mascot “Chief Illiniwek.”

The incident has been reported to University of Illinois police, and Khan was placed under arrest and issued a notice to appear to appear in court for criminal damage to property, with police valuing the cell phone at $700.

Shouting a fake claim, such as the one made by Khan, could very well be an Antifa taught tactic used to confuse witnesses. I have also seen coppers use this when arresting individuals.




  1. I don't know that characterizing a TA as an "instructor" is exactly fair. I was a TA for a short period of time as a PhD candidate at UI, and I didn't consider myself an instructor even though I taught classes.

    1. You were an instructor by almost any definition. But you were not a tenured professor.

    2. Yes, an instructor is a full time university employee and a TA is just a graduate student that does some teaching work to pay for his coursework.

      However, on rare occasion there are instructors or lecturers who are PhD students (don't know if UofI does this). But I think this is only for subjects where industry experience means something like in engineering and the person in question has it. Those are the only conditions I know of it happening. Obviously not the case here.

  2. “Constructing Race in America” and “U.S. Gender History since 1877." I can imagine that these courses have some use, but if these are the types of studies that Mr. Khan ( has dedicated is academics to, his attitude and actions are no surprise.

    What I can't imagine is spending my hard earned money and time attending these types of classes at university. Especially in this age of information.

  3. A multi-ethnic country suffers perpetual conflict.

    1. At a certain level, conflict is good and useful. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.