Thursday, November 2, 2017

Vegan Socialist City Council Candidate Wants to Ban Fur in New York City

Vegan socialist New York City Council candidate Jabari Brispor says “There shouldn’t be a price tag on the lives of other beings.”

He went on to tell the Huffington Post, "I’d like to ban the sale of fur in NYC. I know it’s been done on the West Coast twice, and I’d like to maintain the momentum."

Murray Rothbard was right, these people are anti-the human race. Any obstacle they can put in front of humans they will. He really should spend more time in his backyard planting tomato plants for his vegan socialist utopia.



  1. A vegan socialist, uh? You know, during the North Korean famine of the late 90's, the NK government, through their propaga machine, extolled the nutritional benefits of eating grass. I thus have to wonder what this person has in store for us...

  2. Has importing Jabari from the Caribbean brought us closer to liberty?

    1. A simple google search reveals that he was born in America and so were his parents.

      Alt-right is absolutely deranged over immigrants.

  3. "Any obstacle they can put in front of humans they will."

    And if it is pointed out then the "man up" response is brought to shame people.

  4. Nice to see someone who wants to get into government for its intended purpose: to enforce their personal addenda.