Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Trump Adds Five New Names to the 'Potential Supreme Court Nominee' List But Not Judge Napolitano

Judge Napolitano did not make Trump's latest potential Supreme Court nominee list

More disappointment for Libertarians for Trump (if there are any left).

The Economist reports:
Two of the new potential picks are 45-year-old, newly minted appeals-court judges Mr Trump recently appointed to the bench: Amy Coney Barrett of the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals and Kevin C. Newsom of the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals. Judge Newsom won Senate confirmation by a vote of 66-31 on August 1st. Judge Barrett had a tougher road: after confronting concerns that her Catholicism may interfere with her ability to fairly adjudicate cases, she was confirmed by a vote of 55-43 on October 31st. 
These jurists are joined by two even younger Supreme Court hopefuls, both of whom began stints on state supreme courts earlier this year. Britt Grant, 39, a woman, serves on the Supreme Court of Georgia and Patrick Wyrick, 36, sits on the Oklahoma Supreme Court. Judge Wyrick was born in 1981 during the first Reagan administration, when Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the oldest sitting justice, was already 48. Judge Wyrick also clerked for the fifth and by far most experienced judge on Mr Trump’s freshened roster: Brett Kavanaugh, 52, an 11-year veteran of the Circuit Court for the District of Columbia. 

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