Thursday, November 16, 2017

Tina Brown: Rupert Murdoch Thinks Trump is a Fool

Tina Brown,  the former editor of Vanity Fair (1984 to 1992) and of The New Yorker (1992-1998), tells Hollywood Reporter:

Brown:  I first met Trump at a party at Ann Getty's house, where he flirted with me wildly and complained about the opera. He was awful, but he was funny. In London, we call people of Trump's type
"Jack the Lad" — semi-attractive, filthy rich and very dumb. It wasn't until later I realized how dangerous he could be.

Hollywood Reporter: When did you change your mind?

Brown: I had assigned a writer, Marie Brenner, to do a story on Trump. She dug up a ton of great stuff. A few weeks after the story appeared, Donald and Marie found themselves at a party. Suddenly she felt something wet on her back. It was Donald, pouring his drink down her dress. He was boorish and nasty when he was criticized. As the reality of his business doings became clear, he became kind of toxic.

Hollywood Reporter: Your husband spent many years working for Rupert Murdoch. Are you surprised to see how avidly his properties have championed Trump?

Brown: I have no doubt that Murdoch thinks Trump is a fool, but he's a useful fool who can do Murdoch many favors. Rupert is the best strategist I have ever encountered. He always plays the long game. So for the moment he supports Trump and will play him for whatever he needs: deregulation, tax breaks. relaxed oversight of deals and mergers, whatever he has cooking. But once Trump ceases to be useful, Rupert will throw him under the bus.


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  1. And I'm sure Trump thinks Murdoch is a moron. BFD! So this is what Rob Wenzel considers blogworthy?