Tuesday, November 21, 2017

They Cheer in Zimbabwee...


..because the totalitarian Robert Mugabe has resigned from office.

BUT the question should always be asked before cheering takes place: Who will replace the old leader?

Replacement is not enough. It must be replacement that moves a country in the direction of liberty.



  1. I'm sure those 'Aficans' really understand concepts like NAP and how to run a civilized society. Wasn't Mugabbe not too long ago begging those whites he displaced to come back?

    We really need to bring back white colonialism to the African continent. Only White Europeans have shown any capacity for somewhat competent governance.

    Maybe some of you dolts who think 'all cultures are equal' will be packing your bags moving to Zimbabwe?

    1. How quaint. You really think "Africans" are a homogenous, single people.

    2. I'm well versed that Africa is a poop hole with a wide variety with worthless black cultures that have no place in a 21st century society.

      When are you moving to Africa? It's bad enough we have too many Africans now in the US. But hey, that's 'da rasis' right?