Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The Vicious Tyrant That is Going to Replace Robert Mugabe

The new president of Zimbabwe?

Zimbabweans have been out in the streets celebrating the resignation of Robert Mugabe but, as I have pointed out, removing a leader is not enough, it must be considered who will replace the ousted leader.

Enter Zimbabwe’s former vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa.

He is expected to be sworn in as president when he returns home from exile on Wednesday, ruling party ZANU-PF official Larry Mavhima told Reuters.

Here's CNN on Mnangagwa:
[C]ables, part of a huge cache leaked to whistleblowing website Wikileaks by US army soldier Chelsea Manning, paint a picture of a canny political operative, who has surfed the waves of Zimbabwean politics, navigating periods both in and outside of Mugabe's trusted inner circle.
They also hint at Mnangagwa's dark past. In late 2000, a cable written by Earl Irving, then a US diplomat in Harare, described Mnangagwa as "widely feared and despised throughout the country," warning he could be "an even more repressive leader" than Mugabe if he were to succeed him.
Fear of Mnangagwa stems from his position as Mugabe's enforcer and head of the Central Intelligence Organization (CIO), or secret police, and his alleged role in the 1983-84 massacres of the Ndebele ethnic group in Matabeleland, a region in Zimbabwe's southwest that was a center of political opposition to Mugabe's regime.
The International Association of Genocide Scholars (IAGS), an international nonpartisan organization, estimate at least 20,000 civilians were killed by the CIO and the armed forces.
"Most of the dead were shot in public executions, often after being forced to dig their own graves in front of their family and fellow villagers," IAGS said in a 2011 report.
Kate Hoey, a British Labour MP who has campaigned for years to highlight oppression under the Mugabe regime, described Mnangagwa in a parliamentary debate last week as "probably the one person in Zimbabwe who inspires even greater terror than Mugabe."


  1. They get the government they deserve. Too many Africans anyway. At least any African genocide can't be blamed on 'YT'.

    1. Are you real? Do you post on here just to give someone else ammunition to try and discredit this website and the views of anyone who reads it?