Friday, November 24, 2017

The Russian Witch Hunt Compared to the Original Salem Witch Hunt

Michael Rozeff is correct when he writes:
In terms of actually investigating anything worthwhile or accomplishing anything important to this nation, such as ridding us of crime, Robert Mueller and his Justice Department gang are a joke. They possess absolutely nothing that really matters in a criminal sense or is of any consequence to We the People. They are now reaching for obscure meetings, documents and e-mails. They are reaching for failures to report or report in a timely fashion. Their whole shtick is predicated on Russia having been some kind of enemy for years and years and years. Their premise is false, for they see evil via any contact with Russia, any lobbying for Russians or their views, reported or unreported. In their eyes, anything done by anyone that might conceivably have redounded to the credit of Russia or affected U.S. policy without making oneself out to be a foreign agent is worthy of investigation, indictment and prosecution.

This is a witch hunt, the aim being to wound, possibly mortally, the current Republican administration.
How does this compare to the original  Salem witch hunt?

In terms of prosecutors stretching crimes out of whole cloth and the flipping of witches, now that it appears Mike Flynn may have flipped, there is much in common.

There were plenty of young girls who flipped and singled out others as witches to protect their own lives and there were certainly public officials who in the vernacular of the day thought like Van Jones, who has stated in the present that the Russia witch hunt is a "nothing burger."

Murray Rothbard discussed the Salem witch hunts in Conceived in Liberty, Volume I.
Now a group of young girls of Salem Village became "bewitched" and began the delightful game of accusing other people--at first mostly personal enemies--of witchcraft...

After the classic pattern of intmidation and informing, reprieve came only if a witch would confess his or her guilt; and the confession was deemed sincere if other people--accomplices--were named...

Too many writers have treated the Salem witch-hunt in psychological terms: child neuroses and mob hysteria The vital point is not the hysteria but the use made of it... a program carried out by the elite of the colony and directed by the lieutenant governor himself, the man whose major aim had long been the exercise of power.


  1. The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming! Emergency, emergency, everybody get off from street!

    Where's Alan Arkin when you need him? Of course the funniest part is that the Rooskies are no longer commies. The commies are all here now.

  2. Mueller. The great witch finder general - hero of the great Khobar Towers misdirection.

  3. could it be since really there is no Russian meddling (since the Russians really could not afford to meddle) that Mueller's position is a way of being in the trump administration without actually publically admitting to be in it.