Friday, November 10, 2017

The Democratic Socialist Wins on Tuesday

Tuesday night saw the victory of more a few socialists in the off-year local elections. It will not impact governance in America now, but it is a signal. Confused voters can go extreme lefty. Not a
good sign.

Lee Carter, a DSA-endorsed candidate and open socialist from Manassas, Virginia, defeated the Republican incumbent and GOP minority whip, Jackson Miller.

In Cheektowaga, New York, last night, Democratic Socialist Brian Nowak won for Town Council.

 In Pleasant Hill, a small town in Polk County, Iowa. Polk,  DSA candidate Ross Grooters won a spot there on the town's city council.

In Moorhead, Minnesota, DSA member Kara Gloe won a spot on the school board.

DSA candidate Joel Sipress won his election in Duluth, Minnesota, for City Council.

Over in Knoxville, TN, Seema Singh Perez won hers, becoming the city's first Indian-American council member. 

Democratic Socialists JT Scott and Ben Ewen-Campen unseated incumbents in Democratic Somerville, Massachusetts.

(via Mashable)


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  2. Sure would like to know how all that ignorant 'duh-versity' is going to support all those government freebie programs.

  3. JT Scott owned a Crossfit gym in Somerville, MA and the land was stolen by the city a few years ago for eminent domain to put up new development, and JT was not too happy about this. You'd think this might plant the thought that too much government power is not a good thing and the size and scope of government should be reduced...

    I had a hope that with Trump in office some folks might realize that too much government power, especially at the federal level, is dangerous... Not happening apparently.

  4. In supposedly conservative Indiana, I fought for freedom to force people to bake wedding cakes: