Sunday, November 19, 2017

Secret Recording of a Professor Being Interrogated by Her University for Showing a Jordan Peterson Video

This is how social justice warriors in academia attempt to shut down discussion and debate.

Lindsay Shepherd, a Wilfrid Laurier University graduate student and teaching assistant, landed in hot water with the university over a video clip, featuring University of Toronto professor Jordan Peterson  (SEE: Jordan Peterson on Preferred Gender Pronouns) that she used in a critical thinking course.

After receiving complaints, the university claimed she created a toxic environment. Shepherd had a meeting with faculty and administration, here are excerpts from the secretly recorded interrogation.

Lindsay Shepherd is one brave and heroic lady. She does a magnificent job standing up to the Cultural Marxist interrogation she faced.



  1. With my new HD antenna, I'm suddenly getting Canadian TV in HD. I learned that Ontario is in the midst of a FIVE WEEK strike by all instructors in their province-wide university system. Meaning NO CLASSES for the past five weeks. Students (who have paid for classes) are suddenly in favor of "back to work" legislation.

  2. If you aren't listening to Jordan Peterson, you should be.

  3. When I was a boy I saw Canada as a rugged land filled with real men and hardy women. Boy how times have changed.

  4. Since my last post, the Liberal Party government of Ontario has passed "Back to Work" legislation forcing the striking faculty back to work. This apparently violates the spirit of the Canadian Charter of Rights which guarantees the right to collectively bargain.

    I seem to recall Murray Rothbard describing something as "First we'll slit your throat. Then we'll talk about it."

  5. I enjoyed how she says she disagrees with Peterson, but the left will continue to feed on their own.

    The cultural marxist agenda was doing really well in previous decades because it operated on a very incremental basis. Now they're just going crazy and the backlash should become even more entertaining.

  6. Brave indeed. I wish she had complained that this discussion itself made her feel unsafe, and that as a female instructor she is being unfairly targeted.

    Notice the unquestioned assumption that it would be improper to play a Hitler speech. I guess this campus doesn't teach history, with all those horrible episodes it includes where all sorts of groups were targeted.

  7. This sounds like a sequel to

  8. These people are so screwed, when people start getting diagnosed by medical professionals as transphobic. Oh, you're discriminating against my disability?

  9. Why is she crying?

    Why did one of the professors say "they has..."?

    Why doesn't the school show Adolf Hitler speeches in history class?

    Why is Milo being equated to Adolf Hitler?

    Why are they a bunch of pansies?

    Does the girl being interrogated need some soma?

    1. "Why is she crying?"

      Possibly, she realizes she's talking to a brick wall and not to kindred spirits.

  10. Notice that these bureaucrats are the antithesis of critical thinkers. Their first allegiance is to the mandates of the state bureaucracy. This young woman is wasting her time with these drones.

  11. something out of "The Trial." I assume that after this ordeal she was immediately sent to a "re-education" camp---? Oh wait---she was already AT a re-education camp, called "college."

  12. glad she recorded this, if they end up firing her, she can make a claim for wrongful termination.

  13. Peterson's comments seemingly prior to this video being published:

  14. For the non tyrannical, meeting with university faculty and administration should be considered similar to meeting with cops. Recording such an event (preferably audio and video) is strongly recommended. I would want to know who will attend prior to agreeing to meet. Legal counsel may be warranted is some cases.