Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Roger Stone: Trump's Only Chance for Survival

Longtime Trump adviser Roger Stone tells The Daily Caller that President Donald Trump directing the Justice Department to appoint a special counsel to investigate an Obama-era Uranium deal is Trump’s “only chance for survival."

Stone could very well be correct here. Special prosecutor Robert Mueller is clearly looking to
nail Trump. The charges against the low-level, near no-level, Trump campaign volunteer George Papadopoulos is evidence of how low Mueller is willing to stoop.

No doubt, Mueller stick-handled the goofy Papadopoulos, who appears to have been flipped by Mueller on the flimsiest of threats. It is clear that during the goofy one's "proactive co-operation," with the guidance of Mueller, he managed to get someone at a higher level (not difficult to get someone at a higher level in the Trump campaign than Papadopoulos) to say something that shouldn't have been said, all in an effort to squeeze some else for dirt on Trump.

As Alan Dershowitz pots it, Mueller isn't looking for someone to sing on real misdoings but to "compose" non-existent misdoings.

Trump seems to be operating under the guidance of lawyers who are telling him, "You have done nothing wrong, so don't interfere."

But Stone is much more wizened in the way D.C. politics is played and Trump is playing a very dangerous game hoping there are no composers.

He would be much better off taking out the conductor, Mueller, as Stone indicates.

Naming a special prosecutor to investigate the Obama-era Uranium deal would take Mueller and assistant US attorney general Rod Rosenstein out of the Trump investigation.

Mueller and Rosenstein are so deeply tied to the uranium deal that their crooked radioactive half-lives are probably beyond 50-years on the deal.

If Mueller and Rosenstein are taken out, then Trump can put his people in charge to quietly lay the Trump investigation to bed.

No firing of Mueller and Rosenstein, they would just have to recuse themselves from the Trump investigation because of the Uranium investigation. A brilliant move.

It is really time that Trump take the advice of his long-term buddy Stone, who goes back with Trump to the days of the very tough and skilled political operator Roy Cohn.

Cohn would be giving Trump the same advice that Stone is.



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  1. Again, I'll go with what Scott Adams said about the awful, horrible Uranium One deal.. so what?