Monday, November 13, 2017

Rand Paul Announces Return to the Senate

Following an unprovoked brutal blindside tackle, just over a week ago, by his Lexington, Kentucky neighbor, which resulted in six fractured ribs and a bruised lung to Senator Rand Paul, he has decided to suck up the pain and head back to Washington D.C.

In a tweet this morning, Rand announced that he was still in a good deal of pain but that he would be returning to the Senate today.



  1. Bowling Green, home of the 400-600 horsepower Corvette, not Lexington, where one horse costs much more than those Vettes

  2. "... suck up the pain and head back to Washington D.C". Yes, going back to Central Planning Central can be a terribly painful experience.

  3. I guess Rand's neighbor is in trouble now and I don't mean with the law. He was supposed to take Rand out permanently. He blew it.