Friday, November 17, 2017

Lefty Anarchists Vandalize Philadelphia Police Station

A police station in Philadelphia, Penn. was vandalized Thursday night by a group of people claiming to be anarchists, according to reports.

The South Street Philadelphia police station, equipment and vehicles were trashed by a group of eight to 10 anti-police anarchist wearing masks. Red paint in glass bottles were thrown at the building, and multiple car windows were smashed.



  1. When did the word "anarchy"---which means absence of rulers---become a substitute for the words "bedlam" and "mayhem"---? First they stole "liberal," and now "anarchy." I wish we could just call these violent Leftists "Mayhemists" or "Bedlamists" or "Chaosistas" or something.

  2. I'm surprised that the "Disavowal Police" in the media and De Cesspool (DC) haven't demanded that libertarians publicly condemn these anarchists.

  3. Napster, just for discussion, is there a time when Libertarians/Anarchist ever apologize to the State for anything?
    No person was hurt, it’s State owned “property”.
    Bob, how do we know they were leftist?
    Can an Anarcho-Capitalist commit these acts, and not violate the NAP? Thanks!

    1. Joshua:

      I don't ever see Rothbardians apologize, but others who go by, or who get labeled with, the "libertarian" moniker are not as intransigent. But that doesn't stop people calling for disavowal these days. It's the new form of attempted public shaming.

      As to your last question, there are some differences of opinion as to the nature of "public property." If you take the view that the state holds such property as trustee for taxpayers, then you could argue that these acts were a violation of the NAP. If you take the view that such property remains unowned until legitimately homesteaded, then you could argue that there has not been a NAP violation.