Friday, November 3, 2017

James O'Keefe Warning: Antifa Will Be On Attack Tomorrow

O'Keefe has issued the following email:
Project Veritas

Tomorrow, Antifa is hosting protests in more than 20 cities nationwide -- in order to bring down the "Trump/Pence Regime."

Antifa has caused mayhem and destruction nationwide in their fight against the freedoms that made our nation great.

the media has -- time and time again -- lavished praise over these violent thugs.

Take The New York Times -- who allowed Antifa to buy and publish a full page ad in their newspaper this week, promoting their protest -- which have a long history of turning violent.

Or take MSNBC -- where a whole panel in August sang Antifa's praises, claiming that "fascism has only been defeated with violence" and, thus, Antifa was justified in going after anyone on the other side of the aisle.

Antifa will likely trade their bricks and sticks in for bombs and explosives due in part to the mainstream media’s complicity.

Like so many of the bombshell stories in our country, you and I simply can’t count on the mainstream media to report on it fairly. The only way to make sure the American people know the truth -- and call for an end to political violence -- is by exposing Antifa’s rising levels of violence ourselves.

That’s what Project Veritas is going to do tomorrow. Our journalists will be attempting to infiltrate Antifa at the rallies tomorrow -- but our team can't be everywhere. I am counting on you to tip us off if you see anything.

Let Project Veritas know if you see anything that would help our investigation by sending us an email here.

Thanks for your help.

In truth,

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  1. So appears nothing happened. Which leads me to my next question; Was this a ruse by AntiFa to trigger conservatives and altrighters to virtue signal on how "tough" they are or was this a troll by conservatives and altrighters to boost their numbers/funding.