Monday, November 27, 2017

Is the Deep State Happy to Get Rid of Alleged Sex Harasser John Conyers?

Will lefty Rep. John Conyers be able to survive the sexual harassment charges against him and remain in Congress? It is unclear.  He has already stepped down from his House leadership roles.

One should keep in mind that Conyers is an old-school lefty and thus anti-war.

John Schindler reports in an unfriendly essay on him:
[Conyers] was associated with known KGB fronts. He was long active in
the World Peace Council—which sounds like a Quaker-run group but was founded by the Kremlin at the beginning of the Cold War. The WPC followed the Moscow line religiously, serving as a conduit for KGB Active Measures against the West, regularly denouncing American “war-mongering” and “imperialism” while coordinating anti-NATO protests in many countries...

[H]e helped establish its American chapter, the U.S. Peace Council. He addressed its inaugural meeting in Philadelphia in November 1979...

Moreover, this isn’t just a historical matter. Conyers has continued to follow the Moscow line on countless issues down to the present day. Back in 2010, when WikiLeaks was busy dumping hundreds of thousands of stolen classified State Department files on the Internet, Conyers came to the defense of Julian Assange and his cyber-criminal gang, stating that WikiLeaks had committed no crimes....

In June 2015, Conyers went on a tirade against Ukraine on the floor of the House, denouncing Kyiv’s military as “neo-Nazi”—a slander that was quickly parroted by Kremlin mouthpieces online. He stated that Ukraine should not get anti-aircraft missiles from Washington, citing as evidence the shootdown of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 over eastern Ukraine in July 2014, the murder of 299 innocents...

It comes as no surprise that the bill amendment before the House to block anti-air missiles for Ukraine that was sponsored by Conyers was arranged by the notorious pro-Kremlin lobbyist Paul Manafort...
Conyers is a major league anti-freedom lefty interventionist when it comes to domestic issues but he has been a major thorn in the side of the Deep State when it comes to the international march of the Empire. So one has to wonder who leaked the documents that opened the harassment floodgate charges against Conyers. Are we just seeing Deep State cleaning out the remnants of the old guard by taking advantage of the current sex harassment charges deluge? Keep in mind, sex charges have always taken up a lot of space in the CIA black-ops toolkit.

Let's see if any neocons get snared in the current environment. None yet.



  1. Never let a crisis go to waste.

  2. The check written with taxpayer dollars for hush money will seal the deal. Even the Deep State will abandon you for that.