Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Huffington Post Calls for "White Wounding"

The Oppressed
This is Cultural Marxism on steroids.

Jesse Benn writes at the Huffington Post:
Whiteness was designed to exclude, and to simultaneously offer those of us classified as white certain comforts, privileges, as well as political, economic, and cultural supremacy. Because of this, whiteness harms those it excludes and classifies as others. Importantly, it does so on our behalf.

Owning up to and acknowledging the inherited benefits of whiteness, and encouraging other white people to do so as well, is
an integral aspect of working toward racial justice in white spaces...
The primary question for white anti-racists then, should ask how we can accelerate the break up of white supremacy, rather than what type of whiteness should come next—or if we can rid ourselves of whiteness altogether...
How can whiteness be better? we ask. How can we create a healthier feeling whiteness, one that doesn’t produce or perpetuate harm? One that is welcoming and encourages other “good” white people to join in the struggle for racial, social, and economic justice that we’ve committed ourselves to. A whiteness that can offer an alternative to the painful reality of what whiteness really is—oppression, exclusion, undue harm, undue benefit, privilege, and supremacy...
People marked as non-white walk around with visible and invisible scars, deal with the opening of new and the reopening of old wounds, and face constant reminders of the harm done at their expense on behalf of whiteness...
When we say white people should be wounded, we’re not suggesting white anti-racists should go around, angrily trying to make other white people feel bad for being white. Indeed, making someone feel bad about being white is different from helping them understand the wounds wrought by whiteness, and encouraging them to sit with those wounds without console or relief.
What it does mean is taking the time to engage, doing so patiently, and bluntly, without letting problematic white behavior slide (including our own), beating around the bush, or trying to make white people feel better about our whiteness when conversations get difficult or uncomfortable.
It also means we should make sure white people, including ourselves, are aware of the harm whiteness has and continues to inflict on our behalf. Rather than focusing on healing whiteness, we suggest white anti-racists should focus on sharing the wounds it’s caused with other white people who would normally remain oblivious to them. In order to begin any process of healing these wounds, we must first be familiar with them. In a true testament to our position of privilege, this requires a deliberate process of personally seeking out and empathizing with these wounds. For this to be productive we must use that awareness to motivate our racial justice work...
Thus, white wounding is a call to action. It’s time to put our friends, family, co-workers, bosses, partners, social media connections, and our own comfort aside. The problem is real, and it is killing people. At this moment one of the most important and rudimentary things white anti-racists can do is spread awareness among other whites about racial inequality and oppression. It’s time for white wounding.
My response:  Any non-whites who think they are being wounded by whites should just stay away from whites, in the manner I do when I see a bunch of urban primitives on the sidewalk ahead of me. I cross the street.

They should start their own schools, colleges, hospitals, banks, bakeries etc. Of course, this violates the basics of free trade that would suggest trading with whites will increase standards of living but, hey, if they think all this "oppression" is going on, well stay away from it.


(ht Felix Bronstein)


  1. But Bob, you're being soooooo exclusive and too commonsensical. Your dealing with true believers here. There on mission from...

    The Evangelical Church of the White Anti-racists. I'm waiting for them to come to my home deep in the woods and sit with me while we bleed together.

  2. Maybe if we roll BOTH eyes we'll get through to these people.

  3. Michael Jackson would be rolling over in his grave...

    (Also, "Whiteness was designed to exclude..."? Who knew someone designed whiteness?)

  4. Translation: "Hey White people - give us your wealth and the fruits of your productivity and then fuck off."

  5. Guess if he's white or Jewish. Just take a wild guess.